• Edit Galaxy S II Video with Final Cut 7

    The Samsung Galaxy S II has been praised for its high-quality high-definition video, but it can be a challenge to edit the MP4s that the phone records with professional software. (I hear it works fine on Windows Movie Maker.) Here’s how to make it work with Final Cut Pro 7. Recording and transferring After recording …

  • Fix Android Phone Auto-Sync

    When my Droid Pro stopped fetching my Gmail automatically, I thought it might be time for a new phone. But no, the two-year-old device running Android 2.3.4 has lived to see another day. If your phone isn’t fetching any of your important Google account data, like calendar events or Gmail, read on for one not-so-obvious …

  • Interactive jobs chart

    With a classmate, I explored the future of employment in New York and across the U.S. by building an interactive “bubble chart” visualization that points to a boom for some industries, and ruin for others. The interactive was featured on the school’s NYCity News Service.

  • Bataan Memorial Death March

    News22’s Martin Burch shows how thousands of marathon runners are honoring a shrinking number of very special World War II veterans.